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We Are The Largest Jukebox Operator On The West Coast. We Provide FREE Jukeboxes for Bars & Businesses Providing Millions of Songs For Entertainment While Allowing Our Owners To Earn Passive Income Off Our Jukeboxes With NO FEES & No Contracts.



How Much Would it Cost For You To Buy & Install a New Jukebox, Speakers & Installation?

*Jukebox: $5,695
*6 Speakers: $1,140
*Installation: $495

Total Average Cost For A New Jukebox, Speakers & Professional Installation: *$7,330

OR, We Can Provide you with a FREE jukebox, FREE Speakers & FREE Installation...

We will provide you with our jukebox for FREE. NO Fees, No Contracts and start earning extra income right away. This is over a $7,330 value for FREE.

*All prices are estimates only. Also, most jukebox manufactures will not sell jukeboxes directly to bar owners.

Before & After JukeBox installation pics (USE THE SLIDER BELOW)

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Let us install a Jukebox and speakers at your location so you can enjoy millions of songs and start to earn passive income from our Jukebox.

No Charge:

We don't charge you any upfront fees. Actually, we don't charge you any fees at all. We will install a juke box for FREE and you will start to earn income from that JukeBox right away. Let us show you the Bar Games difference.

Premium Support & Service:

We don't just install jukeboxes, we also manage and take care of them. We are here to make sure our jukeboxes have the most uptime to get you maximum profits. We are always here to help.

No Contracts:

Unlike most other vendors who will lock you into a 1, 2 or 3 year contract and then make you jump through hoops to cancel, we do NOT lock you up into a lengthy contract. We want you to stay with us because you chose to, not because you're forced to.

Why Should You Get A Jukebox Installed at Your location?


A Jukebox provides more opportunity for your employees to be more engaged with your clients


A Jukebox is more likely to provide better ambience and a more enjoyable experience at your bar or business


A Jukebox is More likely to keep your customers more engaged and stay longer at your bar or business

Bar & Business favorite Jukeboxes:


The TouchTunes Virtuo smart jukebox is a showpiece for any venue. Click Title For More Info about this Jukebox:


Featuring the most sophisticated, music-driven jukebox. Click Title For More Info about this Jukebox:


Don’t just get ahead of the curve – embrace it! Click Title For More Info about this Jukebox:

Get Your FREE Jukebox Today!

What our Customers Say...

Samuel o'mullane
Mike has been with us for over 11 years. He keeps his games, pool tables, and juke boxes maintained and it great shape. He is quick to respond to trouble calls and fixes problems quickly. He is knowledgeable and can coach staff to fix small issues over the phone. As my business expands in the future, I have no doubt that I'm calling Mike to have his equipment in my bars and other establishments. Highly recommended!
Samuel o'mullane
Terrie Solis
Mike and his crew are awesome with amazing customer service. When we need something, they are there to take care of it. The best decision we made was having their services placed in our location. If it was possible, we would give them 6 STARS! A special thank you to Mike and his crew. We look forward to your great service!
Terrie Solis
Shauna Bell
Thanks to Mike we are always taken care of when we need help with our Jukebox. Service is Key and he's always there. If you are in need of someone to deliver, service and take care of the jukebox you have in your place of business this company is for you. Install and no more worries.
Katy Gilmore

The power of Music:


12 Million



2 Million



65 Thousand


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